jonathan jacobson
work experience
may 2009 - current
Blizzard Entertainment
june 2006 - febuary 2009
Ensemble Studios
environmental artist

Dungeon artist on the World or Warcraft franchise starting with the fall of the lich king patches. responsible for working with design to build cohesive and compelling dungeon/raid environments along with creating structural and organic elements for use in the various exterior zones of WoW. Developed tools and methods that help streamline asset creation and presented at internal "/learn" events to share tips and tricks in using 3dsmax. Also organized a weekly brainstorming/team-building session involving multiple teams and disciplines.

Environment artist on Halo Wars and an unannounced science fiction mmo. Worked extensively with in house tools as well as the Unreal engine, developed tools and process to streamline asset authoring and level creation. Functioned as an artistic and technical voice on the design and creation of several prototype projects.
july 2001 - febuary 2006
Big Huge Games
Designed and developed terrain systems for both Rise of Legends and Rise of Nations. Responsible for creating terrain assets. Modeled textured and animated buildings and other structural elements. Developed maxscripts and methods to both ease the content creation process and improve the appearance of assets. Worked with programming in the design of tools, shaders and effects. Mentored new employees and interns.
febuary 1998 - june 2001
Dreamforge Intertainment

3d artist responsible for environmental modeling and texturing including terrain, buildings and structural elements. Acted as liaison between programmers and artists to develop in game lighting systems and visual effects.

august 1997 - febuary 1999
Xynesis Studios
web developer/ artist

Started a business which primarily provided web development, but offered other services ranging from creation of event flyers for a local rave promoter to architectural renderings.

june 1996 - june 1999
freelance writer
Long term freelance relationship with the chicago based role playing game company. Produced original and derivative fiction along with rules and game mechanics for Fasa's shadowrun game universe.
software and languages
3ds max version 2.5 to 2013
deep paint
speed tree
interests and activities

Regularly gave lectures and tutorials at the Maryland institute college of art. An active member of a local 3dmax user group. When i get the chance i cycle, snowboard and run.