scripts 1

user properties browser

dialog box that automaticly updates to display the selected objects user defined properties. can also be used to edit information in the user properties buffer.


allows a user to scale objects in max to a specific xyz. can be used to scale relatively according to one dimension or each one individually. added a collapse stack and reset xform button for ease and speed of use.

normal render

renders all the "normal" information from a camera without having to use special materials or using plugins. has options to ignore transparent objects.

quick skin

can be used to add bones to an existing skin modifer by viewport picking rather than by a list, and can be used to skin an object to a specified bone and set all the vertex weights to 100 percent.

material tools

allows for quick and easy reseting of materials in the material editor. can be used to reset all or just selected material slots.

export to xml

a work in progress. this tool exports selected objects in a max sceen to a readable xml document. the exporter output takes into account multiple texture ids, smoothig groups and vert color when gathering information and duplicates verts where nessicary. currently in the process of adding skin and bone information to the export. in addition to geometry the export supports lights cameras and helpers.